May brings more than flowers to Laramie. As the weather warms up, high school and college seniors in the Gem City anxiously await one thing: graduation. Soon enough, caps will fly into the air, and grads will be celebrating their newly found freedom.

The University of Wyoming has graduation scheduled for May 14th, and Laramie High School will see off its seniors on May 27th. No doubt you've received a few graduation party invites, or perhaps you're planning a party of your own. And, if you have a senior graduating in your house, you've likely been shopping for the perfect gift.

If you're stumped on what to get your graduate, have no fear. We asked Laramie folks what they think the perfect gifts for graduates from high school and college are, and they were happy to help. Here's a list of what Laramie says are the best gifts to give grads:

Best Graduation Gifts, According to Laramie

Looks like Laramie and the rest of Wyoming has some pretty great ideas for graduation gifts. It comes as no surprise that CASH is the most recommended gift. After all, graduates can use it to fund their education, take a trip before classes start, or buy gear for their dorm room.

Perhaps the most surprising gifts on the list to me were socks and a brand new car. I love new socks, especially ones with funny pictures on them, but I definitely didn't see it coming as a graduation gift. As for a new car, well, I certainly wish someone had bought me one for my graduation gift. Am I jealous? Maybe a little bit.

So what do you think? Do you agree with the gifts Laramie recommends for graduates?

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