Governor Mark Gordon stated that the reopening of Wyoming will not be quick, but the state will be “taking slow, incremental, and thoughtful steps.”

In the press conference on April 23, Gordon presented the new plan to reopen the state in more detail.

He stated that all current health orders are in place until April 30, but that those will be modified in the next week. The new orders, after they are released, will be in place until May 15.

Regarding reopening businesses, Gordon stated that the first to reopen will be barbershops, cosmetologists, and gyms. At this point, the State is still working on a plan to reopen bars and restaurants, as well as allowing overnight camping.

Gordon said that the state will be using data to determine when restrictions can be lessened.

Dr. Alexia Harrist, the state epidemiologist, said that the state will be using the following metrics to determine when to lessen restrictions:

  • New cases
  • Percent of cases attributed to a community spread
  • Percent of all tests that are positive
  • Total COVID-19 admissions reported by hospitals
  • Total hospital bed availability
  • Total ICU bed availability

Regarding outpatient electives, or services not COVID-19 related, Harrist stated that it was recommended that hospitals postpone certain procedures and follow federal orders. She stated that they can proceed on expanding these services based on the information they have regarding the virus and to follow the procedures for doing so according to the hospitals standard

Jillian Balow, the Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction, stated that, though at this time the schools are to continue following current closure orders, there is a possibility for limited in-person teaching for students who may have learning disabilities.

Governor Gordon stated that the reopening of the state will be happening, though it may not be quick, and that they are working diligently to lessen restrictions. However, he again reminds Wyoming residents to “Please, if you are working, don't get careless. If you are playing, don't get careless.”

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