Governor Mark Gordon has issued a statement in which he states his opinion on the federal budget reconciliation bill, which contains numerous proposals that would negatively impact Wyoming’s coal, oil, and natural gas industries.

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The Governor’s statement is as follows:

"Unfortunately, when it comes to energy policy, the proposed reconciliation bill is more of the same old anti-fossil fuel drivel coming out of Washington. It’s uninformed, shallow, and aimed at weakening our country by making us more dependent on the Saudis, Russians, and Chinese. The policymaking coming out of this administration hurts Wyoming and does nothing to advance real solutions on climate or the environment.

"Once more the Western states are disproportionately affected by increased costs of coal, oil and gas industry to operate on federal lands. I am still reviewing the bill, but so far there is nothing helpful to the people or the climate. Other countries are looking forward to supplying energy to the world, while our domestic energy industries are hamstrung."

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