Governor Mark Gordon hosted U.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland today, taking the opportunity to discuss a range of topics and for the Governor to advocate for Wyoming.

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The Governor started the day on the Wind River Reservation to dedicate the Path of Honor – Wind River Veterans Memorial, which is a tribute to military service members and veterans who live within the boundaries of the Wind River Reservation.

The pair also met with elected officials in Lander, discussed the Governor’s work on addressing the issue of Missing & Murdered Indigenous Persons, and discussed migration corridors and energy projects.

The Governor urged Secretary Haaland to hold the Bureau of Land Management’s postponed March and June 2021 oil and gas lease sales.

The Governor emphasized the state’s efforts to work with industry partnerships to protect wildlife and minimize on-the-ground disturbance.

Other topics discussed included: the importance of federal lands in Wyoming; invasive species’ impact on habitat; endangered species; state-led management of grizzly bears; the Bureau of Reclamation; and the Wyoming sage-grouse plan.

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