Old tires? Toss ‘em in the field, right next to that refrigerator from 1997. At least, that’s what people often do, unfortunately. The Albany County Planning Department is trying to combat such garbage disposal from happening, with their yearly voucher program. 

Tires and refrigerators are the most common items discarded improperly. Gary Wilken, code enforcement for Albany County Planning, says they’re “trying to lessen the nuisance in the county” with the voucher program.

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Residents of Albany County can apply for the voucher, and dispose of a maximum of 25 car/light truck tires, five heavy truck or industrial tires, or two tractor tires (all with or without rims) with the voucher, and up to two refrigerators. 

The application is here. Residents can apply for vouchers starting Monday, Aug. 14-Thursday, Sept. 7. They can be used at the landfill from Aug. 21-Sept. 9. 

Without a voucher, refrigerators cost $35 to dispose of. Each small tire costs $4 without a rim and $8 with a rim; the bigger the tire, the bigger the expense. Wilken said the cost can be prohibitive for a lot of people which is why they dump items, and why the County started the program.

Wilken said the free dump day for tires was formerly on a Saturday, and he would have to count all the tires that came through the landfill. “Cars and trucks were lined up from the dump back to city limits.” 

The County is trying to make it easier for residents to keep their property and the environment clean. Wilken noted the new Casper Aquifer Protection Plan, too, and wants to help residents keep Laramie’s drinking water clean.

The program is a partnership with the County and the Laramie River Conservation District; each entity splits the cost of disposal, while the City of Laramie provides the employees.

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