Earlier this month, two former Laramie Residents received an unexpected windfall when the Wyoming Unclaimed Property Division of the State Treasurer's Office split an old certificate of deposit amounting to over $7,000.

When Freida Alldredge passed away in early 2017, Rogena Orr was tasked with closing out her mother’s estate. Yet it appeared that something may have slipped through the crack, and this is exactly what happened when Orr received a voicemail regarding some unclaimed property of her mother's.

After confirming that the call was indeed from the state department, she proceeded with the claims process.

The money was turned over to the State of Wyoming in 1995 by First Bank FSB, and the bank was not able to verify Ms. Alldredge’s address or make contact with her after a dormancy period of five years.

Orr said after she initiated the claim, the process was pretty simple.

The documentation Orr submitted verified that she and her brother, Len Keesee, were the heirs to the estate, so checks were issued on December 8, with the entire process taking about a month.

Across the state, there is approximately $96 million in Unclaimed Property available to be claimed, and in the past four years, the State has paid out nearly $24.6 million in Unclaimed Property.

There were 22,421 checks issued during that timeframe, meaning the average check amount was for more than $1,000.

Unclaimed Property is turned over to the State when a business, agency, or governmental entity owes property, typically money or securities, to someone and for whatever reason cannot locate the owner for a specified time period.

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