Wednesday was the first day Cheyenne Brewing Company opened. their doors to the public.

And in the name of research, okay in the name of I love food and beer, I went and had lunch at the new place.

Cheyenne Brewing Company is located in the Depot Plaza, formerly the Shadow's Pub and Grill building. I have always loved this building and location. Not only do I enjoy the Depot as a resident, the tourist crowd flocks to that area.

Right away I was impressed by the staff. A polite young man seated me and I was promptly greeted by the bartender. One of the things that was apparent was the entire staff were well versed with the entire menu, and as I inquired, my bartender said the staff had tried all of the beer and all of the food so they'd all be happy to help with recommendations.

The Food:

Cheyenne Brewing Company
Jerrad Anderson, Townsquare Media

A pet peeve is when a restaurant has a poor menu. Not only with too many or too few menu items but when it's sloppy and unorganized. That was NOT the case at Cheyenne Brewing Company. A delightful and simple to order mixture of bar food was on the menu. Sliders, sandwiches, burgers, and pizza all seemed appetizing, but I went with "The Pig." The pulled pork sliders were beautifully displayed and equally as tasty!

The Beer:

Cheyenne Brewing Company
Jerrad Anderson, Townsquare Media

Cheyenne Brewing Company has four home-made beers so far and a tremendous selection of regional craft brews. If you must, they also have Bud Light. My suggestion for your first time is to try a flight.

You can try literally the largest flight I've ever seen which is 18 beers, or the Cheyenne Brewing flight of four. As much as I love beer, I went with four

Cold Leaf IPA - IPA's are hit and miss with me, but this one is delightful. It's minty and smooth, and doesn't overwhelm you with hops.

Freckles - Easy drinker with an orange flavor. A little bit lighter than a Blue Moon.

Fatty Slims  - If you're into light beers this is where you want to start. It's more flavorful than Bud and Coors Light, but would make for a good transition into the world of craft beer.

Dead Foot - Quite frankly, I've never tried anything like this, which is a good thing. It's a little reminiscent of apple cider, and a little reminiscent of a smooth bourbon. I can't wait to try this again, but watch out it's ABV is 10.5%!

People Are Crazy:

Chick Fil A
Alex Wong, Getty Images

You know that disclaimer radio and TV shows air before the host says something controversial that goes something like "The opinions of the host do not necessarily reflect the corporate owner." Well, I in no way am speaking on behalf of Townsquare Media, our Cheyenne team, or anyone in Cheyenne.

If standing in line for the new Chick-Fil-A is what you want to do with your time - who am I to judge?

In fact, you can fill me in on how that chain chicken sandwich is while I'm supporting local business owners.


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