A popular bridge that serves as part of one of the main roads in Yellowstone National Park, won't be accessible to motor vehicle traffic for a awhile.

Fishing Bridge, which is on the road connecting the Park's East entrance to Grand Loop Road, is closed until November 5th for rehabilitation work.

The East entrance itself is still open and motorists can enter the park, but won't be able to cross the bridge to get to the rest of the park.

The road closure starts at Sedge Bay.

Likewise, motorists who entered the park via a different entrance, won't be able to cross the bridge from the other side to get to the East entrance, and will have to find another way to exit the park.

Park officials recommend motorists coming in from the Cody area, travel north on Wyoming State Highway 120, then turn left on Wyoming State Highway 296, and cross over Dead Indian Pass.

Then turn left on US Highway 212, pass through Cooke City, Montana, and then enter the park from the Northeast Entrance.

All roads inside Yellowstone National Park, are scheduled to close for the winter 2018-19 season to motor vehicle traffic on Monday, November 5th, except for the road connecting the North entrance to the Northeast entrance, which is open year round.

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