Several months after helping the young hunter and his stepfather apply for tags, South Laramie Game Warden Bill Brinegar received the heartbreaking news that the stepfather had died. Warden Brinegar wasn't certain the hunt would still happen after hearing the news.

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However, as the day of the scheduled hunt arrived, young Stephen was eager to put some miles on in hopes of harvesting his first pronghorn. After walking around the first property, there were no signs of antelope as far as the eye could see, yet they had walked swiftly up the hill towards the herd, using the terrain as cover.

Then two of the does alert the rest of the herd to the hunters’ presence, and the lead doe peeled away from the herd and presented Stephen with a perfect broadside shot.

The First Hunt Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides education and training for acquiring hunting skills, with the main emphasis on mentoring new hunters to develop life-long skills and a passion for hunting.

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