The FBI is currently investigating the activities of allegedly fraudulent Canadian business entities who are defrauding U.S. companies, this according to an official release from the Laramie Police Department.

"We believe that this scam has tremendous implications for Wyoming businesses," says Laramie Police Commander Mitch Cushman.  "Especially those that are at a size that can be ruined by one bad investment."

According to the release, the scam happens when a person claiming to be with a Canadian business requests a line of credit with a business in the United States.  The Canadian business will fax or e-mail references, credit documents, and/or tax documents to prove authenticity.  Then the Canadian business will order materials from the U.S. Company, on credit, with a third party shipper.  The materials are then taken to Canada and payment is never made.

The Laramie Police Department reports that there have already been victims from Wyoming and there could be more.

The FBI says they are aware of the following industries being affected by the scheme:

  • Tire Retailers
  • Auto Parts Retailers
  • Truckingand Logistics Companies
  • Painting Supply Companies

Further the FBI reports the names of the fraudulent businesses that are currently or have previously been involved in the scheme:

  • Canstruct, Inc.
  • AYA Distributors
  • Xpress Auto Parts
  • Point Tech Performer, Inc.
  • Emptech