Forecasters say Wyoming is in for another rough fire season.

According to an AccuWeather report, the western half of Wyoming will be at an extreme fire risk this summer. The eastern half is also projected to be at a higher risk.

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"In the Pacific Northwest, forecasters are looking at Washington, Oregon and Wyoming as areas that could also see the fire season quickly spring to life," the recently released report states.

The report states that a "significant lack of precipitation in recent months" has set more than 75% of the western US up for a busy fire season. Twenty-one percent of the western US is under "exceptional" drought.

Millions of acres potentially could be consumed this year, according to the report.

"However, when those fires arrive and at what ferocity they burn will depend on a few crucial factors," the report states.

 The season could also be "particularly long-lasting."
Read the full report here.

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