DVDs4Vets provides donated DVDs to returning veterans in rehabilitation. The charity, which was officially started on Veteran’s Day 2006, provides a way for the public to make a direct, positive impact on military personnel returning from service overseas.

Leading up to the organization’s founding, there were increasing reports of severely wounded soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan who could not access some basic entertainment due to physical hardships.

The medical community became aware of the serious wounds suffered by many veterans, including traumatic brain injuries.  Dr. Richard Landis of Westport, CT wanted to help however he could.  Upon returning from a two-week visit to Afghanistan, he began to help organize a remote rehabilitation center and hospital to care for wounded civilians.

Over that year’s Christmas holiday, Dr. Landis met with James F. Nicholson of Greenwich, CT.  Nicholson proposed starting another project that would provide donated DVDs to returning veterans who are in rehabilitation.  Dr. Landis expressed interest, and Nicholson began to recruit a group to work on the project.

Nicholson sought help from friends and those he served alongside during the Korean conflict.  In just days, he had collected a dedicated group of people who were intrigued by the idea.  One member of the group was Laurance Baschkin, who Nicholson was acquainted with through fundraising at Greenwich Hospital.

Baschkin had been working to send DVDs to active duty military personnel stationed in Iraq.  Not only did he offer to help, Bauschkin also provided the group with office space at his family’s business.  He is now the Executive Director of DVDs4Vets.

Another of Nicholson’s friends who offered to contribute is Robert Bruder.  He donated one of his warehouses in Stamford, CT for use as a collection point.  Support grew quickly, and soon more than 20 people were volunteering time and financial means to help launch the 501(c)(3) charity DVDs4Vets.

Two more volunteer positions have been added in light of the project’s substantial growth.  Emily Meyer coordinates the delivery of donations and Scott Bowers works in Media Relations.

DVDs4Vets receives about 500 DVDs each week.  The discs are forwarded to VA centers in rural areas that typically receive less attention and support than those in larger cities.  Requests by donors to have their DVD(s) sent to a specific facility are always honored.

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