Dr. Merav Ben-David, a scientist, educator, outdoorswoman, Israeli army veteran, has officially announced her intent to run for the United States Senate.

She will be at the Laramie Train Depot on Saturday, March 7th from 6 to 9 pm for an evening of live music, a platform and policy Q and A, and a short talk on climate change.

Regarding her campaign, Ben-David says, “I am the candidate that talks about Wyoming. I care about Wyoming, and I care about its future.”

Ben-David is an advocate for public lands, equality, human rights, and diversifying the economy while protecting the environment. She believes that Wyoming is made attractive to the United States by its wide-open spaces and rugged, adaptable and compassionate people who believe in “live and let live”

For more information on Dr. Merav Ben-David's 2020 campaign, please follow the link here. 

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