Now that pets given as gifts over the holidays have settled into their homes, and new pets finding their forever homes after a stay at the Laramie Animal Shelter every week, it's as good a time as any to remind Laramie residents about the pet ordinance that anyone who lives within city limits should be following.

Ordinance number 6.08.010 states that it is against the law for Laramie residents to have any dogs, cats, or ferrets more than 120 days old without getting them a license. To get the license, each pet's owner must present proof that their pet has recieved a rabies vaccination. Pet licenses must also be renewed annually.

Pet owners don't necessarily have to stop by City Hall to pick up their licenses, though. Pet licenses can also be picked up at the Laramie Animal Shelter (whether or not you're adopting from the shelter), and can be renewed at any veterinary clinics in Laramie while updating your furry friend's vaccination.

Licensing fees are $15 for spayed/neutered animals and $25 for intact animals. Pet licenses must be on display when the pet is away from its home, unless the pet is microchipped and the microchip information is registered along with a license at the city.

For more information about licenses, please call the Laramie Animal Shelter at 307-721-5385 or pay them a visit at 1064 N 5th Street.

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