With a focus on a few key topics, Laramie Vice-Mayor Pat Gabriel provided a March update on the latest with the Laramie City Council Wednesday.

Gabriel began the conversation by talking about possible changes to the city’s alcohol ordinance. He also brought up the renovations at the University of Wyoming with its dormitories and the impact on Laramie’s infrastructure, the city’s budget, how the city will move forward with funds for streets around town after the 6th-cent sales tax renewal was passed last August and more in the video above.

The vice-mayor also spoke about the four new council members and how they’re acclimating to their new positions on the Laramie City Council.

Gabriel’s visit was part of Laramie Live’s “Monthly Mayoral Update,” when the mayor or vice-mayor stop by for an interview during the ‘Laramie Live on KOWB’ radio morning show with host David Settle. Next month’s conversation will be with Mayor Joe Shumway and is planned for Thursday, April 4.

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