Knight Hall was built long after Laramie's earliest days when Albany County was truly the wild west. Vigilantes were formed when the law couldn’t handle evil-doers. And evil was done, in forms that weren’t even known by 1940, even at University of Wyoming.

When the area for Knight Hall Dormitory was excavated, some of Laramie’s earliest dead were unearthed. Somehow they didn't know, but it was quickly clear the site chosen for a dorm was also once the site of a cemetery. Turns out that on the prairie, bodies could be “buried just about anywhere.” The bodies were taken to another cemetery, but their ghosts wouldn't go.

Knight hall was named after Emma Howell Knight. In 1941, The building had about 1,236 students living there. An additional number of "un-living" was never confirmed. Now the old hall is used by a public radio station and other student services, but we still have paranormal reports of wailing sounds and visages of a young Native American girl. The most well-known story is a piano being played by no one.

Now, who's up for spending a night at Knight?

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