The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is asking for hunters' assistance this fall in collecting samples from mule deer and elk for Chronic wasting disease.

The Game and Fish in the Laramie Region will be focusing this sampling on adult buck harvested from Goshen Rim (Hunt Area 15) and Sheep Mountian (Hunt Areas 61 and 74-77).

Since 1997, the Wyoming Game and Fish has been monitoring the distribution and prevalence of chronic wasting disease (CWD) to better understand how this disease affects the health of Wyoming’s deer and elk populations. By continuing to monitor CWD over time, the Game and Fish are better able to understand the potential impacts of the disease and evaluate management actions for deer and elk.

The Laramie Region’s goal is to collect samples from at least 200 adult mule deer bucks harvested in Hunt Areas 15, 61, and 74-77. Game and Fish is asking hunters that harvest mule deer bucks in these specific hunt areas to submit samples to Game and Fish for testing.

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