Crime Stoppers of Central Wyoming reports that there is an increase in juvenile-related crimes, specifically relating to auto burglaries.

That's according to a press release from John Becker, President of Crime Stoppers of Central Wyoming.

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"Crime Stoppers of Central Wyoming is shining a light on recent local crime trends in an effort to inform the community, gain information, and ultimately help reduce criminal activity in Natrona County," the release stated.

According to the press release, the Crime Stoppers of Central Wyoming Board consists of representatives from different organizations within the community, from local and large businesses, to non-profit organizations, educational institutions, law enforcement agencies and more. Together, this team meets quarterly to discuss recent crime trends, and they have recognized an increase in juvenile-related crimes within our community.

Specifically, the release stated, an increase in stolen firearms and auto-burglaries.

“The rise in juvenile related crimes is alarming,” said Crime Stoppers of Central Wyoming President John Becker. “Specifically, those related to juveniles committing auto-burglaries and ultimately stealing firearms. This is an issue across the County – not only in Casper. The best way to prevent firearms from getting into the hands of kids, and ultimately away from potential criminal activity, is to secure them. Lock your cars, lock your home, and always secure your firearm. This is a big problem right now and it’s crucial that we all do our part to keep this community safe.”

The Casper Police Department has shined a light on juvenile-related crimes in Casper, but noted that this issue is not confined to just this city. Law enforcement agencies across Natrona County are seeing a "disturbing increase in juvenile-related crimes and juveniles in possession of stolen firearms."

Crime Stoppers asks that if you have knowledge of any juvenile-related criminal activity, including that which relates to auto-burglaries and theft of firearms, that you contact them. You can submit your tip to Crime Stoppers anonymously, by calling 307-577-8477 or online at Your information could entitle you to a monetary reward. Information submitted that is deemed credible by law enforcement and assists in the furthering of an investigation is what qualifies for a reward.

The release notes that "Crime Stoppers of Central Wyoming is committed to increasing public safety awareness in Natrona County. Starting in 2021, Crime Stoppers will be sharing a quarterly public safety awareness bulletin highlighting a current public safety issue in Natrona County.

"Crime Stoppers is administered by a volunteer board in conjunction with applicable police, sheriff, and other law enforcement agencies. Our local Central Wyoming Chapter is responsible for raising funds to offer as rewards for tips that lead to solving crimes in our community, making our neighborhoods safer places to live and do business. Your participation will help our neighbors who have been victimized by crime. You can help stop future crimes by providing anonymous tips and through donations to the organization. To learn more visit"


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