As we get closer to Halloween 2016, more "creepy" and "scary" looking clowns have been appearing all over the country, even in the Cowboy State!

The latest clown sighting was caught on home security camera footage by Lorinna Salazar, who lives in Paradise Valley. As you can see in the video, the clown is brandishing some type of bladed weapon (either a large knife or machete).

We can't stress enough how dangerous this is! The police have already urged Wyomingites to NOT shoot the clowns, but keep in mind we are the most heavily armed state and people are very protected of their property. As this video also shows, technically... this is a crime. The term is trespassing!

Residents have already stated that they are planning on setting traps and other dangerous types of things to ward off unwanted clown activity. The police however are strongly urging folks to call them, instead of taking the law into your own hands.

Halloween is an awesome time of year, but let's be respectful of people's fears and their property. The clown pranks and jokes are getting out of hand.


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