The City of Laramie recently informed the public of vaccination efforts in Albany County. The information is as follows.

  • Who is currently eligible: Individuals within Phase 1b, priority group 4-6 are now able to schedule their vaccination appointment. Individuals within these groups include people who are 65 - 69 years of age; healthcare providers, behavioral health providers, and social workers unable to physically distance and unable to provide services through telehealth; K-12 education; child care providers and adult daycare center providers.
  • Who is eligible next: It is anticipated that individuals within Phase 1b, priority groups 4-6 will continue to be the focus of vaccination efforts for the remainder of February.
  • Vaccine supply: As of Tuesday, February 16, Albany County had administered 3070 vaccines with 580 available for the remainder of this week’s scheduled appointments.
  • Albany County’s Vaccination List: Individuals who are not included in Phase 1b subgroup 4-6, should sign-up for My Health Connection (MHC), Ivinson’s patient portal to be placed on the vaccination list.
  • Local Pharmacies Receive Vaccines Supply: Walmart and Pole Mountain Pharmacies have received a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines

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