Last week the City of Laramie issued a press release stating The Laramie Boomerang printed incorrect information regarding the release of Jodi Guerin's resume and credentials.
When Guerin was hired as Laramie's new Recreation Manager, Councilman Joseph Vitale had questions about her qualifications for the job. Interested in the story, the Boomerang joined Councilman Vitale in seeking the release of Guerin's resume. The matter was finally heard in District Court. On January 16, per court order, the City released documents pertaining to Guerin's qualifications for the position.
On January 22, the  Boomerang printed a story with the headline, Sixty percent of Assessment Missing, which referred to Guerin's interview assessment. The article also stated that there were five assessment panel members.
Assistant City Manager Dave Derragon issued corrections to the Boomerang article. He said that the assessment panel consisted of three members, and two interview assessments were included in the court-mandated records.

The City has also requested that the Boomerang print a front page retraction.