The City of Laramie approved Enrolled Ordinance No. 1802 on January 2, 2022, which establishes new rental housing requirements for landlords in Laramie, according to a release.

The ordinance will go into effect on January 1, 2023. To ensure all landlords are prepared and compliant, the City is offering support and education throughout the month of December.

Enrolled Ordinance No. 1802 establishes a Rental Housing Code that will now require landlords to register rental housing properties, set minimum habitability standards, and establish a process to file complaints.

The new ordinance will improve rental standards in Laramie and help renters and landlords communicate with each other via a complaint program so issues may be resolved without further city involvement.

The Rental Housing Code will also provide minimum habitability criteria to improve rental conditions and safeguard the health of the renter, property, and owner. Properties must meet the code by following housing standards and maintaining essential services such as structural integrity, plumbing, heating, weatherproofing, security, electrical, appliances, pests, egress/emergency access, and mold.

Registration for rental properties opened in April 2022. Properties not yet registered must do so before January 1st to obtain a Rental Housing License and avoid violations.

The license requires a processing fee of $20/year. In addition to the license, a Rental Housing Habitability Checklist is available for completion.

The application can be found online HERE.

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The City is available for support and education for the new Rental Housing Code to assist landlords through their shift in Code compliance. The Habitability Standards Enforcement and Complaint Resolution Program will be in effect on January 1, 2023.

Landlords can access resources for obtaining a Rental Housing License, Habitability Checklist, Complaint Program, and information on the Code HERE.

For questions, landlords should contact the City Clerk’s Office at (307) 721-5220 or Code Administration at (307) 721-5271.

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