The discussion on a proposed mobile vending ordinance will continue tonight at the Laramie City Council's regular meeting.

The ordinance will get its second reading this week, after the council voted to postpone the reading on Aug. 15 in order to gather more information on the ordinance.

Mayor Andrea Summerville said the city council wanted more information on certain aspects of the proposed ordinance before they moved forward with the second reading.

“We had some questions regarding fire inspections as well as vending at parks and time limits and how that administrative process would work as well as some other questions regarding license fees," Summerville said. "City staff has now had time to go back and review that information and provide clarity to the city council.”

Summerville said some city staff even provided recommended amendments to the ordinance.

The ordinance, if passed, will provide clear outlines about where mobile vendors can park and vend, for example prohibiting food trucks from parking on residential streets where lines of people could present a public hazard.

Summerville said the ordinance was not in response to a particular issue, but was rather a proactive measure to avoid running into issues in the future.

“Mobile food trucks are becoming more and more popular, especially in college towns,” Summerville said. “So we just want to make sure we have that framework in place so that everyone is safe and the food trucks can continue to operate and service their clientele in Laramie.”

Summerville said the local mobile vendors in Laramie have been involved in crafting the ordinance.

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