Staffing challenges continue to plague the Cheyenne Police Department.

"I think the largest challenge that we're facing is recruitment of new officers," said Chief Brian Kozak.

Kozak says heavy recruitment efforts by agencies in Northern Colorado are taking a toll on his department.

"They have high salaries that we just can't compete with," said Kozak. "We've lost officers to them and we will in the future."

Kozak says he's hopeful the City Council's decision to increase the wage for entry-level officers to "just above $50,000" will help the agency attract good officers.

"Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland and Casper (are) all above $50,000 for entry-level police officers, so now at least we're in that same ballpark range," said Kozak.

"We've got a pretty nice police station now, it's a good working environment, the public supports the police department and so I hope all that can help us really sell the Cheyenne Police Department to prospective candidates," Kozak added.

Kozak says the agency needs to "stay marketable" and make sure "city leaders remember public safety."

"Public safety has to increase in proportion with the increase of the city," said Kozak. "Hopefully in the future we can plan in police officer positions as the city annexes new area."

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