A Cheyenne man is behind bars after trying to attack his brother with a large sword.

Lt. Don Hollingshead with the Laramie County Sheriff's Department says deputies were called to 6016 Laramie Street around 11:00 p.m. Monday, after two brothers got into a fight over a cell phone.

"When the deputies arrived, the suspect (28-year-old Brandon Bruckner) had left the scene," said Hollingshead. "He was later found by the Cheyenne Police Department in the parking lot of the Walmart here in town and was arrested and taken to jail on aggravated assault charges."

Hollingshead says Brandon's brother, Jordan, told deputies that Brandon had threatened him with a large sword because he wouldn't let him use his cell phone.

"Jordan told him 'no' and locked him out of the house because he knew he was high on meth," said Hollingshead. "Brandon went to his car, got the large sword, came back and put it through a side window of the door and that's when Jordan called 911."

Neither one of the brothers was hurt in the altercation.

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