Being a father of 2 boys I've seen my share of kid's birthday parties. Most were really fun for my kids! I like the birthday parties that are a little on the not so normal side. Let me explain. I am glad Chuck-E-Cheese is not here in Laramie or I would be in a straight jacket by now! We have been to parties at families' homes, the Park (during the warm months), the Recreation Center, the bowling alley, the movie theatre, the school of gymnastics, and even the animal science farm.  My favorite party was one of my son's best friend's who had a "reverse" surprise party. His mother called us up and said they would pick up my son and take him to a party with all of his friends. Then they had a sleep-over afterwards, perfect! My son really enjoyed that he got a present instead of the other way around. Check out the top 5 suggestions for birthday parties below. If I missed any please comment using Facebook below this story and we can add your sggestion to the list.

1.  Laramie Recreation Center:  The Rec center offers a great place for a birthday party. There is a lot of room in the game room and is the perfect place to set up the food and cake for eating after they swim! (remember what our parents said about eating and then swimming?)

Call:  (307) 721-5269  Location:  920 Boulder Drive

2. School of Gymnastics: This is always a fun birthday party option. Having the birthday cake after the kids finish jumping around on the trampoline is a good idea! They have plenty of room to have the cake and food after.

Call: (307) 745-8302  Location:  803 Skyline Road

3. The Bowling Alley (Laramie Lanes): The bowling alley is a fun choice as long as it is in the middle of the day! They can have the bumpers up on the gutters for kids and there is a lot of room to eat pizza and cake that you bring in. This also works really well for dropping off your kid's and picking them up when it's over.

Call: (307) 745-3835   Location:  1270 N 3rd

4. Movie Theatre: The movies is a great place for a party instead of everyone bringing a gift; we always just send the kids in with enough money to get a ticket and pop-corn. Picking them up after the movie works well too.

Fox Cinema - Call:  (307) 742-2842  Location: 505 South 20th Street  and The Wyo Theatre: Call: (307) 745-0738  Location: 309 S 5th St

5. City Park: The parks work well if it's during the summer of course; you can reserve a covered area and have activities like: pinata, horse shoes, etc. In Washington Park there are great activities and playgrounds. Another great idea is to have a party at Huck Finn fishing pond and have all the kids bring their fishing poles.

Call:  (307) 721-5264  Shelter Reservations: Download Form

All of these would make a great birthday party choice for your children. The main things to remember are to have fun and that your presence is you present!