Fall is on its way whether you like it or not which means a whole host of things will be gearing up like school. Fortunately with the beginning of the school year comes the start of a new football season. Soon after that more and more sports kick off in our great state of Wyoming, and you are sure to need some new gear to show your support for your favorite teams. Fortunately, Laramie has a lot to offer as far as Wyoming clothing and apparel stores go. Here are our top five places to go and stock up for the new season!

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    Big Kmart

    Big Kmart takes our number five spot on the list for best places to buy Wyoming gear. They almost always have a section devoted to gear for local sports clothing and apparel on your left right as you walk in the door. While their selection is not the greatest you can often find some gear that will do the trick at a decent price.

  • Photo By Adam Porter
    Photo By Adam Porter


    Wal-Mart takes the number four spot on our list for best places to buy Wyoming gear because they often have some great deals on cool UW gear. Unfortunately they do not carry much of a stock of this type of merchandise except for in the months of August and September. If you see it in the store you had better grab it because it usually goes fast and is not restocked. Last year I grabbed a few great shirts and a cool UW cloth folding chair which is really comfy!

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    University Of Wyoming Bookstore

    Located in the Wyoming Union at the University Of Wyoming, the UW Bookstore can be a great place to grab some Wyoming clothing, apparel or array of other different products. The bookstore is a good choice however a few cons to visiting the store will sometime keep me away. First off parking is a hassle as it is often hard to find and when you do chances are you will have to pay a meter. I also find that their prices can sometimes be a little higher than the alternatives and many of the times I stop by the bookstore it seems to be closed. Convenience is not the greatest here so you might want to shop their website first!

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    The Knothole

    The Knothole in downtown Laramie at the corner of Second Street and Grand Avenue grabs our number 2 spot on the list for great places to pick up Wyoming clothing and some great novelties as well. The Knothole carries anything from hats to purses and wide selection of clothing. The store is very nicely located away from the traffic and congestion of the stadiums and arenas that can be a headache on game day. If you are looking to skip the lines and traffic head on over. I also find that for the quality of merchandise the Knothole often has the best prices on whatever you may be looking to purchase. They also have a website that is very easy to navigate if you don't want to make the jaunt to Laramie to grab your goods!

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    The Brown N' Gold Outlet

    The Brown N' Gold Outlet on the corner of 21st Street and Grand Avenue offers a great selection of Wyoming gear and often has a store inside tailgate park as well. The stores are located very close to the stadium and can at times be absolutely packed on game day. One bonus of shopping at the Brown N' Gold Outlet is that you get 10% off every purchase if you are a member of the UW Alumni Association, which is kind of nice. Like the Knothole, the Brown N' Gold also carries a wide variety of clothing, apparel and novelty items. If you are in Cheyenne there is also a store there located on Dell Range. The Brown N' Gold takes our number one spot since they are the biggest provider of UW gear.

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