Steve Mason, Thinksttock

The results are in on how we spent our snow day. Although not everyone in the state had an official snow day, a lot of us kept busy. It turns out that no one wanted to play in the snowstorm. That's right. At the bottom, the very bottom, less than two percent of you wanted to play in the snow.

So it turns out that many of us, 50 percent of respondents, still had to work in some form or another making "Fool, I still gotta work" our top answer. Eat, cooking and baking were pretty popular in our "Other" category that took second at nearly 21 percent.

Here are our top five other responses to What Are You Doing This Snow Day?.


  • 1

    Drinking a Blue Sapphire and Tonic on the Patio

    Was this patio enclosed? Let's certainly hope it was. We all enjoy our  Gin and Tonics, cold, but let's not be cold with them.

  • 2

    Monitoring the forecast. Do I get another day off?

    It is like watching water boil, you can keep an eye on it, but it probably won't happen anytime soon. Snow days never come when we expect it, especially in Wyoming. In this state, if they predict "two feet of snow," grab your suntan lotion.

  • 3

    Read a Book and then Shovel the Snow.

    Reading is a good idea. Wyoming Author C.J. Box has a new book out called "Off The Grid." A few people responded that they were supporting him on a snowy day.

    Snow Shoveling is far more dangerous with about 11,000 people getting injuries from it, according to WebMD. So get a good shovel.


  • 4

    Stuck for Another Night in BlackHawk

  • 5

    Take care of the horses. Avoid other responsibilities.

    If this isn't a great Wyoming response, I don't know what is.