It's hard to believe July is almost over. The sun is still shining with the heat of summer, and the last thing on anyone's mind is school. But, the 2022-2023 School Year is just around the corner for the kids. The first day of school is August 25 - only a month away! But parents, there's no need to panic; you have plenty of time to get school shopping started. And a local Laramie business wants to help reduce back-to-school stress by giving away FREE backpacks to Laramie kids.

Yes, I said FREE backpacks. Laramie's Verizon Cellular Plus is hosting a backpack giveaway to help send Laramie kids back to school with everything they need. Here are the details:

Laramie's Verizon Cellular Plus Free Backpack Giveaway

On July 30, two Verizon Cellular Plus locations in Laramie will give away 100% free backpacks to Laramie students. Each bag contains school supplies to help Laramie's kids prepare for the coming school year. Parents, please note that all kids need an adult present to claim their backpacks. The giveaway will continue from 10 a.m. to Noon while backpack supplies last.

About the Verizon Cellular Plus Giveaway

The Verizon Cellular Plus backpack giveaway is the culmination of efforts from employees, customers, and vendor partners donating their time and supplies to put together the backpacks. All donations stay local because the giveaway focuses on giving back to the local Laramie community.

President Adam Kimmet said in the giveaway press release,

"We want to ease some of the stress that can be placed on families while trying to get the school supplies they need."

Event Details

  • When: 10 a.m. to Noon on Saturday, July 30
  • Where: Two locations; 318 S 3rd Street and 1730 Grand Avenue.
  • Cost: FREE
  • Additional Information: Click here.

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