Your Question:

Why does the city not deal with issues at the Old Handy Truck Stop on McCue and Cedar, Many local people spend time cleaning up the river area every year, and Terry Miner (Owner) keeps polluting and letting his junk blow in there. Also the land is not zoned for the current use. Thanks *** ****** and many other concerned citizens.

The City's Answer:

The property owned by Mr. Miner is being watched by the City for violations.  The zoning on the property permits used vehicles, but not the dismantling of such.  We do not have a good definition of “used car lot” in our old ordinance.  The trash that is blown into the area is not coming from the Miner property, but is generated to the West of that property and accumulates on the Miner property, and locations to the East. We “encourage” Mr. Miner to clean the property, and that has occurred on an irregular basis.  We are watching for those violations.

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