Artwork from a University of Wyoming study abroad class is now on display through Thursday, Dec. 18, in Gallery 234 in the lower level of the University of Wyoming Union.

“Summer in Turkey 2014” consists of prolific and diverse artwork from students in response to a study abroad class in Turkey. The summer art class “International Study in Art, Turkey” immersed students in an international exploration of culture, history and art.

UW Department of Art Associate Professor Doug Russell led 11 students, all from various stages and disciplines in their academic careers. The wide variety of art on display reflects the diversity of the students’ backgrounds.

As part of the course objective, the students created responsive bodies of work. The pieces reflect inspirations they gathered during their travels. Some of the mediums represented are drawings, paintings, ceramics, sculpture and even an interactive 3-D environment. In addition to the exhibition, a simultaneous extension of “Summer in Turkey 2014” will be on display in the Visual Arts Building lobby.

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