Wait, so you're telling me I don't need to drive to either Cheyenne or Fort Collins for Ulta? Seems like Santa granted me the one and only wish I had.

According to a tweet by House District 14 representative, Trey Sherwood, last night, the City of Laramie entered into an agreement with the owners of the old Kmart building to cost-share improvements to the storefront, parking lot & landscaping to prepare the space for a Ross, HomeBase & Ulta.

Laramie City Council Member, Brian Harrington also added that, beyond filling vacant space, the city will make $2.61 for every dollar invested. That doesn’t include secondary benefits from increased employment in Laramie.

Brian also told Laramie Live that "the developer put specific attention into recruiting businesses that were outlined in our THRIVE economic development plan as retail sectors in which we are “leaking” sales to neighboring communities. I think that this project demonstrates that the City of Laramie is open for business."

When asked about the timeline for the project, he said that HomeBase is projected to open in the fall, but the timeline may be longer if supply chain issues arise.

What exciting news! First Chic-fil-a, now this? I love it here!

Christmas Workout

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