The concept of traveling anywhere can be an absolute blast. So many people say how much they would love to travel. Or even just going on vacation, what do people love to do? They love to travel. However, when you are actually in the process of travel, at times, it's not always the most fun. You're on the road for awhile, you have to get through the gate at the airport, there's long flights, etc. But one traveling app has a TikTok account that makes every trip seem like it could be the most fun ever.

The traveling app, 'Travel Boast' maps out your journey of exactly how any trip you take would go. And watching it makes it seem like the most simple, and dare I say, fun thing ever! It's like watching a video game character map out any given trip.

Recently, traveling from Cheyenne was featured on their TikTok account. And while we all know what traveling from the capital city would consist of whether we're driving or flying, just watching the mapped out video makes it seem like such a breeze. You almost want to travel somewhere on a trip tomorrow after watching it.

See what I mean! That is a trip from Cheyenne to Orlando, FL. Even though we all know we'll need to fly out of Denver, CO to get there, just watching the clip makes it seem like such a simple trek.

The TikTok account for Travel Boast has done this for several trips in random cities and for whatever reason, it's intriguing to see just how the journey from one city to another would go. That makes sense when you see how many views each of these videos has. Not to mention, check out all the comments that ask to map out a journey from other user's cities to another location. Perhaps Travel Boast's app or TikTok could be useful to you the next time you travel somewhere.

Safe travels, Wyomingites!

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