A unique water craft race takes place in Guernsey State Park this Saturday, June 21 from 10 a.m. until noon. The “Anything That Floats” race is just what you would think it is, a race that highlights rafts built with whatever you would like, as long as it floats. The race is hosted by Guernsey State Park and Tri-City Parks and Recreation and will take place at the day use area adjacent to the Sandy Beach boat ramp parking lot.

In the event participants bring their own home-made creations to paddle race approximately half a mile. People are not permitted to push the craft or use their limbs to propel it, and no motors or pedals are allowed. The raft can be any size and be powered by as many people as desired.

There will also be a canoe category for those who do not want to or are unable bring their hand-made raft. According to Tri-City Parks and Recreation Administrator Geraldine Delgado, the canoe race will have a fun twist as well to be determined the day of the event. Those wishing to participate in this category can bring their own canoe, or use one of the ten provided by Guernsey State Park.

Although half a mile does not sound far, Delgado says it can often be difficult for people to steer and navigate their homemade raft. She says it is often harder than it looks.

The entry fee for the race is $10. While there is no prize for the winner, Delgado says the fun people have at the event is more than worth it. Participants can call ahead to register or sign up the day of the event. Those signing up on that day should arrive around 9 a.m.

This is the second year of the race. Last year creations included some made from wood, inner-tubes, picnic tables and even one with portable toilets as seats. Delgado says the point is for people to have fun with it, so fun and wacky themes are encouraged.

Delgado says the event is held in the morning hours because weather is usually calmer during that time of the day. She says that the event will also be held away from heavy lake traffic areas where boats may cause a danger, and it will be in a cove area to keep people safe.

Anyone with questions on the event or wanting to sign up can call the Tri-City Parks and Recreation office at 307-836-2736 or 307-241-2709 or call Guernsey State Park at 307-836-2334.

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