The University of Wyoming Police Department (UWPD) will conduct its annual bicycle roundup on campus starting today.

Any bicycles that appear to be abandoned or are unregistered are subject to impound.

Bicyclists whose bikes get picked up during the roundup should call UWPD at 766-5179 to claim their bikes. They will have to pay a $5 impound charge and a $5 registration fee if their bikes are unregistered.

With the unexpected departure of students from campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, additional accommodations will be made this fall to return the abandoned property to the rightful owners. Those who knowingly left campus without their bicycles are encouraged to call UWPD to provide a description and last known location of their bicycles.

All impounded bicycles that are unclaimed are sold at UWPD’s annual public auction, usually held during the first part of September.

For more information, call UWPD at 766-5179.

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