Sometimes the increasingly technological world around us can cause quite a bit of stress, and every once and a while it is nice to get away from it all and enjoy our beautiful surroundings. Fortunately in the Laramie area it doesn't take too long to get away from civilization and relax; Albany Lodge is one of the many great getaway destinations close by located just 32 miles west of Laramie.

Whether it's just a weekend trip or a full vacation, there is plenty to see and do in the Snowy Range. Albany Lodge can help provide exactly the accommodations and the equipment you need to have a great time in both the Summer and the Winter, as they are open year round. Here is a quick look at some of the fun activities in the area surrounding the lodge's facilities.

Summer Activities

ATV Adventures:

There are literally miles and miles of trails in the immediate area that are perfect for both beginners as well as experienced riders. You can of course bring your own ATV or UTV along, or if you don't own one, Albany Lodge has a variety of ATVs that you can rent. Rentals vary in price from $115 to $210 depending on the ATV/UTV chosen and the length of the daily rental. Dirt bikes are also available for rent as well, ranging from $55 to $110.

Jeep Adventures:

 Want a family adventure that you won't soon forget? Load everyone into a jeep and take a drive on one of the many surrounding mountain roads to see not only great views, but wildlife as well. Again Albany Lodge has Jeep 4x4's avaliable for rent in case you don't have one of your own. They even all include a GPS so that you won't get lost, and they are fairly reasonable at $105 to $165 for a daily rental.

Lake & Stream Fishing:

There are both steams as well as lakes within minutes of the lodge that make for a great day Trout fishing. Whether you prefer to fly fish or just use a traditional rod, the surrounding are well suited for both.


If you have a hunting permit in the area, Albany Lodge makes for a nice place to stay in the evenings. The area is full of elk, deer, antelope, moose, and bears. As an added bonus you can rent the lodge's ATVs and other equipment to help you find that trophy animal a little easier.

Hiking & Sight Seeing:

Enjoy the mountain peeks, fields of wildflowers, rippling streams, and wildlife by taking a hike around the area. You will want to make sure that you have a camera handy even if you don't plan to hike far. If you can plan a trip around the fall season when the leaves are changing, the colors can be spectacular.  

Winter Activities


The Snowy Range is one of the finest snowmobiling areas in the world and is the major activity in the area for the winter season. There are over 225 miles of groomed trails and thousands of acres of open meadows. Most years the Snowy Range boasts some of the most consistent powder in the country. The lodge's location allows you to ride directly from your hotel room or cabin to the trails. The Snowy Range is a great place for beginners and advanced riders alike with a huge variance in terrain. You can stay on the groomed trails or venture off and go boon docking or hill climbing. If you do not have a snowmobile of your own or are coming from a significant distance, Albany Lodge does have snowmobiles available for rent as well from $145 to $210 a day depending on the length of the rental. Other gear like coats, gloves, helmets and more can be rented as well.

Albany Lodge makes a great jumping off point for all that there is to see and do in the Snowy Range. If you want to get away, it's a nice place to take a serious look at since they can help provide some of the equipment you might not have to get out into the wilderness as well as a good restaurant and place to stay. You can get more information on the facilities at the lodge's official website or by calling 1-800-291-5959. Current conditions can also be observed by taking a look at their on-site webcams.     

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