At the board of education meeting on November 11, 2020, Albany County School District #1 (ACSD) offered an update on how the money it has received from the CARES Act had been used.

The CARES Act resources are spread out over four main funds:

  • Coronavirus Relief Fund
  • Elementary & Secondary Education Emergency Relief Fund
  • Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund
  • Nutrition Funding

Allocations for the Coronavirus Relief Fund are used to prevent learning loss and reduce virus exposure. A large part of preventing learning loss is holding summer school, and computer-based virtual instruction (CBVI) will help in preventing virus exposure. These distributions in order to aid these goals make up $1,196,819.65 from the Coronavirus Relief Fund.

There is $39,909.83 remaining in this allotment. The GEER fund is split into three sections:

  • GEER Fund for Educational Technology
  • GEER Fund for Early Childhood Transitions
  • GEER Fund for Remote Learning Needs and Transition Services

The District has used the Educational Technology fund to purchase Chromebooks, computers, and related devices for all students.

ACSD has compensated for participants that attend evening meetings with Zoom participants, compensated for an early childhood facilitator that plans, prepares, facilitates, and reports on the grant, and registered participants for a virtual conference out of the Fund for Early Childhood Transitions.

The District used funds from the Remote Learning Needs and Transition Services section to purchase licenses to applications for educators to use for instruction in remote learning environments.

Overall, ACSD has been awarded $2,090,630 in GEER funds.

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