The candidate filing period for primary elections in August closed last Friday, June 1, the official list of all candidates is now available.

Here is the list of all Laramie City Council and Albany County candidates.

Albany County:

County Commissioner  (two four-year terms)

Incumbent Heber Richardson, Republican

Incumbent Commissioner Tim Chesnut, Democrat

Clinton “Swiz” Swierczek, Democrat

Pete Gosar, Democrat

Thad Hoff, Republican

Jerry Kennedy, Republican

Klaus Halbsgut, Democrat

Andrew Boheler, Republican

Tony Mendoza, Democrat

Maura Hanning, Democrat

David Thomason, Democrat

County Coroner

Incumbent Jennifer Graham, Democrat

County Attorney

Incumbent Peggy Trent, Democrat

Tony Lopez, Republican

County Sheriff

Incumbent Dave O’ Malley, Democrat

County Clerk

Jackie Gonzales, Democrat

County Treasurer

Tracy Fletcher, Democrat

Incumbent Linda Simpson did not file.

County Assessor

Incumbent Grant Showacre, Democrat

Clerk of District Court

Incumbent Janice Sexton, Republican

Laramie City Council

Ward 1 – (One four-year term, one two-year term)

Two year term:

Victor Bershinsky

Casey Frome

Tim Nichols

Brian Harrington

Incumbent Phoebe Stoner did not file.

Four year term:

Incumbent Andi Summerville

Jessica Stalder

Jason Shute

Ward 2- (One four-year term)

Paul Weaver

Incumbent Dave Paulekas did not file.

Ward 3- (two four-year terms)

Incumbent Bryan Shuster

Incumbent Klaus Hanson

Jason Jensen

Karl McCraken

Erin O’Doherty

Christina Maki

For more information, including candidate contact information and information on other candidates for Governor and the Wyoming Legislature, visit the Albany County candidates filed web page here.

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