The University of Wyoming Energy Resources Council (ERC) will meet Friday, May 23, at 8 a.m. at the BP Collaboration Center in UW’s Energy Innovation Center.

Council members will hear updates on the evolution of the Carbon Management Institute and the search for its next director; implementation of the College of Engineering and Applied Science “Tier 1” initiative; the search for the dean of the college; a liquefied natural gas study; and other topics.

The council will reconvene after lunch as the Advanced Conversion Technologies Task Force (ACTTF) to hear information about the proposed integrated test center to study the capture, sequestration and management of carbon emissions from a Wyoming coal-fired power plant; and a coming Clean Coal Research Fund symposium.

The ERC was established by the Wyoming State Legislature in 2006. Made up of representatives from industry, state government and academia, the council directs UW’s School of Energy Resources on priorities for research and outreach. The ACTTF consists of the voting members of the Energy Resources Council; it awards funds for advanced conversion research.

The School of Energy Resources provides undergraduate and graduate education, conducts research on existing and emerging energy resources, and disseminates scientific, engineering and economic information to support Wyoming’s near- and long-term energy future.

People with disabilities requiring special accommodations to attend this meeting should call the School of Energy Resources at (307) 766-6897. Information about the School of Energy Resources is available at