Carl F. Eick, a trucker from Nebraska, was killed on Sunday when 65-70 mph winds blew his truck tractor and trailer combination over on Interstate 25.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol says the accident happened about eight miles south of Wheatland just after Eick's combination crossed over the Bordeaux Interchange around 1 pm. The strong crosswinds blowing from east to west blew his tractor trailer combination over onto the driver's side and it slid on its side into the median.

Eick, who was wearing his seat belt, died at the scene. The northbound passing lane of the Interstate 25 was closed temporarily until the combination could be moved from the roadway.

A "No Light Trailer Advisory" had been posted from Douglas to the Wyoming/Colorado border on Interstate 25. A message sign had been activated showing the advisory one mile prior to the crash site. This was the sixth blowover crash in the Bordeaux area since Saturday.

WYDOT will post a No Light Trailer message during the following conditions:

  1. The road is dry and average wind speed is greater than 45 mph and/or gust speed is greater than 55 mph.
  2. The road conditions are not dry and the average wind speed is greater then 35 mph and/or the gust speed is greater than 45 mph.