Drivers who frequent the section of Ninth Street that runs along the western edge of the University of Wyoming campus have one less stop to make following the removal of traffic lights from the intersection of Ninth Street and Lewis Street.

The lights have been replaced by stop signs on Lewis Street only following a traffic study's finding that the lights were more of a hindrance than anything else.

"After our consultant studied it, he found out that signal was not warranted," says City Engineer Eric Japp. "The item went before Traffic Commission and Council. Both parties approved of the removal based on the information of the study."

Japp says the city will install a push-button, pedestrian-activated signal at a later date. That signal will resemble a pedestrian signal at 22nd and Arrowhead near War Memorial Stadium.

"That will be installed on the south side of the intersection across Ninth Street to help with pedestrians in that area," Japp says. "But otherwise it will be a stop-controlled intersection."

Striping in the area of Ninth and Lewis will be improved in the next week or two, Japp adds.

Lewis Street east of NInth is taken up in part by a UW bus and pedestrian zone and sees much less traffic in that area as a result.