The Laramie River Greenbelt Trail is again closed under the Snowy Range Road until further notice due to flooding.

This portion of the trail is closed every year during times when water levels are too high for the public to safely use it according to Parks and Recreation Director Paul Harrison.

“The issue there is the trail is within the two year flood elevation. Therefore, every two years or every year the water gets up to the two year level, it’s going to go over the trail in that location,” Harrison said.

The trail under Snowy Range Road was closed earlier in the year and had just opened last week when city officials said it was safe, but levels have risen again. Other portions of the trail were closed in May due to flooding, but reopened in mid-June.

The City asks all Laramie River Greenbelt trail users to avoid this portion of the greenbelt trail until the flooding subsides. The Wyoming Territorial Park would also like to remind all trail users that it is illegal to trespass across State Parks' property without paying the required entrance fee.

For more information or questions, contact Parks and Recreation Director, Paul Harrison, at 307-721-5260 or Parks Manager, David Schott, at 307-721-5264.