The horseshoe tournament that was scheduled for the last Saturday of Jubilee Days has been postponed. Event organizers say that with Jubilee Days action all around the tournament there was not enough interest to host it during the hometown celebration.

An exact date has not been set for the tournament at this point, but it will likely be rescheduled for some time in August or early September. The Third Annual Rotary Club of Laramie and City of Laramie Horseshoe Tournament, originally scheduled for July 12, will take place at the Washington Park horseshoe pits. It will be open for teams of two people and can include two women, two men or a co-ed team. A maximum of 30 teams can enter.

As per traditional horseshoe rules, women will pitch from 30 feet and men from 40 feet. It will be a single elimination tournament, with games played to 21 points. Each match will have a 45 minute time limit.

Proceeds will benefit groups and people in the community through the Rotary Club.

The tournament is open to all community members who wish to compete. It is requested that professionals not sign up for the event.

Event organizers say they will have a date on the tournament soon. We will update when a date is set.

For more information on the event, contact Kelso Kelly and Capital West Bank at 307-721-1111.