It appears the fishing season has finally arrived in Laramie.

Mike Snigg, Laramie Regional Fisheries Supervisor for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department said,  “Up until the start of April the snowpack was well below average across the region." Snigg added “We were getting concerned about run-off levels and the potential impact on fisheries. Then the snow came with three significant storms through the month of April.”

The Associated Press reports the Laramie Plains lakes is primed for the open water angling season. Snigg says "that water levels at Lake Hattie will be low this year due to repairs to the dam and the concrete ramp is out of water, but the low water ramp is available and the fishing is expected to be good throughout the season."

The release written from the Associated Press goes onto say that Twin Buttes is another fine destination for fishing. Snigg stated, "sampling of the reservoir (Twin Buttes) indicated there are a slew of rainbow trout in the 18 to 20 inch range now."

The Associated Press says the long winter has affected both the Gelatt and Meebour reservoirs, but have been revamped and read to go for this fishing season. Snigg said "they are both high production fisheries where the fish grow quickly." Snigg added "the trout are expected to reach 12 to 14 inches in length by mid summer."

Snigg says Alsop Lake is looking good for a fishing venue despite being a killed sport from winter a few years ago. Snigg says "We’re seeing some large fish there this year, but reminds anglers that Alsop is managed as a trophy fishery. The release says there is a two fish limit per day or in possession and all fish that is caught which are less than 16 inches needed to be let back into the water. The release goes onto say at Alsop, fishing can only be permitted with artificial flies and lures.

The Associated Press adds that the Laramie River is running low and clear as of now and will offer solid angling close to town.

Snigg also recommends the Pole Mountain to fish at because of their beaver ponds in early June. The Associated Press says that both the Rob Roy Reservoir and Lake Owen will be fine venues for fishing this season as well.