Well, it's March 1st. More importantly, it's the first Thursday of the month. Night Heron Books in beautiful downtown Laramie has instituted a regularly scheduled Bluegrass Jam on the first Thursday of the month.

We spoke to Melody Edwards from Night Heron and got a few more details. If you're a lover of Bluegrass music you're invited to the free jam tonight from 7 to 9. Melody was quite clear in assuring that all talent levels are welcome. If you've ever been to a jam, the hardest part for newbies is working up the courage to start pickin'. Plus, no musician ever got better by playing with someone who knew less about music than they did, right?

This will be the third monthly Jam in Night Heron's history with the event. There's a regular core of musicians numbering between 12 and 15 who regularly attend.  Of course, you're also more than welcome to stop in just to listen as well. For those who enjoythem, the bakery and the espresso bar will be open so you can purchase a little treat while you enjoy the show.

There is no charge to play. There is no charge to listen. So, make it down to Night Heron books, 107 East Ivinson Avenue and enjoy!