In the shadow of the ultimate Frisbee explosion is Frisbee golf. Frisbee golf is ultimate’s more relaxing counter-part (no running required). However, Frisbee golf also shares similarities with regular golf: mainly because Frisbee golf can be as frustrating as regular golf if you get into the sport. I once heard that golf is a nice walk ruined. Likewise, your stroll through the park, when trying to throw your Frisbee into the nearest “hole”, may lose its appeal. However, at least if you ruin your walk playing Frisbee golf, it will not have been after paying a large fee to pay. While some people use large plastic Frisbees to play Frisbee golf, buying a set of Frisbees is also an affordable option.

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    La Prele Park

    In Laramie, the best (because it is the only) place to play Frisbee golf is La Prell Park, located off Spring Creek. However, be careful where you through your Frisbee because it may end up in the creek.