Apparently a couple of men in Laramie decided they have had enough and the Laramie community gets to benefit. The following garage sale description is unlike any other we've seen submitted through the Classifieds section here on Laramie Live. How can you say no to an "if you haven't used it in a year it goes in the YARD SALE box" description with a "learn an important lesson" lemonade stand?

Read the actual submission in its entirety below and check out the rest of the garage sales listed by clicking here. Although, I doubt any other sale in Laramie this weekend will compare to this one.

“I said ‘if you haven’t used it in a year it goes in the YARD SALE box.’” NO I wasn’t just saying that for the kids!” Sat. 6/23 8 am-4 @ 1911 Thornburgh Drive (Just off Washington Park) the “2 meanest dads & husbands” in “the UNIVERSE” are selling off prized possessions to include hoards of craft crap-i.e. everything not hot glued down. Electronics like a Wii fit board barely used one of our wives “JUST HAD TO HAVE.” Kid items like: strollers WE refuse to push around 1 more zoo & TOYS our children refused to put away. Build-a-Bears, Barbies, Dress-up-stuff, and beanie babies to name a few. Also selling all our wives clothing they swore they’d wear but don’t, stuff we don’t like seeing them in, & all the clothes they bought for us we hate.
“Learn an important lesson” lemonade stand will be @ same location with distraught children selling refreshments.