If close counted, a group of Yellowstone wolf pups would be given credit for being excellent hunters. Unfortunately for them, in the wild it doesn't count as a new video shows that they cornered an elk, but didn't know what to do next.

This new video from Yellowstone Wolf Tracker on Facebook shows some wolf pups that really are yearlings now and not pups. According to the status update on their Facebook page, these young wolves are part of the infamous Junction Butte pack.

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Their tracking skills are to be commended, but hunting...not so much. Watch what happened when they realized that finding the elk isn't quite enough.

Karen Dunlap commented on Facebook...

Where's momma wolf when you need her!! The yearlings are so gangly, just like teenagers! All legs.....and such beautiful potential....

If only mama were there to help...

National Geographic shared a nifty article on "growing up wolf" which mentioned that young wolves will start hunting with the pack as young as 4 to 8 months old. They start them young. It's the "with the pack" part that's key as alphas would have had no trouble finishing off this elk while the yearlings really are at a loss.

It doesn't always work out for the adult wolves either as video of a bison escaping a wolf pack in Yellowstone revealed.

Recently, we shared that the Junction Butte wolf pack has been adding to their numbers with many new pups. While these young wolves had a learning experience, it likely won't be long before you'll see them become the apex predators they were born to be.

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