I think it's safe to say that there are daily encounters between bears and wolves in Yellowstone. Some we can see, but most we don't. There was one battle a couple years ago that became more famous than most.

Here's what happened. It was December of 2019 in Yellowstone National Park. The Junction Butte Wolf Pack had taken down an elk. The left the carcass long enough for a grizzly to try and take it over. This is the battle that a tour group witnessed.

BrushBuck Wildlife Tours said this about what their tour witnessed:

Junction Butte Wolf Pack originally took down an elk. When they came back to the carcass they were surprised to find a grizzly bear had stolen it. Eventually, the wolves moved on leaving the bear alone with their kill.

Even though the video was shared barely a year ago, it's already been viewed nearly 3 million times. The tour guides estimated that grizzlies take over nearly 80% of wolf kills. I have to wonder how many can successfully fend off over a dozen wolves when the pack returns. This big grizzly pulled it off.

The Junction Butte Wolf Pack is the largest in Yellowstone. Led by 2 black alpha wolves as documented by Yellowstone Wolf, this is one group you don't want to mess with. It's no wonder why they can overwhelm many bears. But, this would not be a day they will remember as a victory in the wild.

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