The Wyoming Treasurer's Office is urging people to check to see if they may have unclaimed property.

Treasurer Mark Gordon says unclaimed property often includes such things as forgotten bank accounts, utility deposits, unpaid wages securities and a number of other properties. Unclaimed property is money that is left behind for any number of reasons and turned over to the state to hold for the rightful owners.

Over the last year, the office received around $8 million and returned $6.5 million. But the office's unclaimed property division is holding about $60 million from previous years.

Lachelle Brant of the treasurer's office said that while quite often the property will be worth $10 or less, in some cases it has ranged close to $1 Million in value.

Gordon said people should also be wary of those who promise to search for unclaimed property for a fee because his office will give you the information for free. You can access the office's unclaimed property database here.

You can call the unclaimed property division at (307) 777-5590.

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